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Sugandha SinhaSugandha Sinha, A lively writer and photographer apar... (more)
The smart work! :)
By-Sugandha Sinha

A minute ago I came across a wonderful example of darwin's theory which is motivating and intriguing in its own way! Gazelles in south Africa are prey for lions and every morning gazelles get up and run because faster they are, safer they would be. And every morning lions rise with the sun so that they might catch slow gazelles and not starve to death! Among this competition too, there must exist some balance, else some or the other race should have become naturally extinct already. But it never happend! There is another instance that cuckoo never builds her nest and lays eggs in other's nest. And as soon as these cuckoo eggs are hatched, the babies drop down the eggs of the nest owner in order to survive and not to get identified by the parent of the nest as different! But the parent must have its own ways to.protect their kids!
So what I mean here is, no matter how strong ir weak a person is, be it intellectually or physically and irrespective of the so called caliber usually defined for students according to their grades, what really matters is being persistent and focussed is what is required! Hard work important too but I believe more in smart work! Calculated work pays more than aimless run coz that might bump you in the mouth of a lion! ;)
Be smart! :)


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Sugandha Sinha
Sugandha Sinha
A lively writer and photographer apart from being a biotechnol...